Monday, June 23, 2008

New York Yankees Desk Lamp - Tiffany Style MLB Baseball Fan Shop Sports Team Merchandise

Enhance any room in your home or office with this "Tiffany" style table lamp. This officially licensed table lamp is finished in a rich combination of black, walnut and gold, topped with a handsome black twill shade and accented with an enameled brass medallion. The table lamp requires a 40 Watt bulb or less, and displays your favorite teams logo on the shade. 11-inch x 11-inch x 23-inch
Customer Review: Very classy
This lamp is beautiful. Heavy and very good quality. Looks nice and it is functional. Much prettier in person.

Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and many others in the game of baseball made their choice, took a juiced stand, allegedly. Statistics, salaries, and yes, fan interest have gone through the roof, breaking records on all counts. So they are busted by the authorities. And what?

No one will be taking away their millions. They still have their fame. Their health? Debatable, but if they didn't care about their own well-being, why should we? So Roger Clemens has gone to Washington, to meet with our legislators, to deny allegations that he, and now it comes out, his Wife were involved in performance-enhancing drugs.

Everyone wants to believe in their heroes, and when it comes to light that our heroes are not what we thought they were, or what we hoped they would be, we are disappointed, but in this age, hardly shocked.

The asterisk to the achievements of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds will not be found in a record book necessarily, it will be in the court of public opinion. Public opinion does not take food out of the star's mouths, nor declines their families of enjoying all the money made during years of fooling the public. Even sadder, I am not sure the public cares one way or the other anymore.

Even with this, I am not convinced that they or many other players twisted in the scandal of steroids/HGH really care, truth be told. They have cast their die in this saga, and although it is great to be loved and respected, it was more important to them to be great.

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